Dear Friend of the Tennessee Walking Horse

We invite you to join the leadership of the Tennessee Horse Industry in a new campaign to show support of the Tennessee Walking Horse. We are excited about the program, and we think you’ll agree once you have learned more about it.


As you know, periodically our industry comes under attack for alleged abuse of its animals and other reported indiscretions. Such blitzes - warranted or otherwise - besmirch our industry and the good people associated with it.

As a tangible way of demonstrating our industry’s commitment to doing what is right and bringing about reform where needed, the industry is proud to sponsor the "S.H.O.W." campaign.

By supporting S.H.O.W., we are challenging our friends to join us in this ambitious effort to promote the best aspects of our industry. We are saying we pledge to take personal responsibility to refrain from any act that might be construed as animal abuse and state publicly that we will encourage our friends to do likewise.

It is our strong desire to see that only sound horses are shown at every show, that judging is impartial, inspections are objective and that the best horse wins. Further, it is our fervent desire to see every horse show filled with enthusiastic fans wearing their "S.H.O.W." buttons.

By embracing the values of S.H.O.W., you can enhance the integrity of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, protect our horses and assure the future of real competition.